Virtual CPAP Consultations

Step 1: Initial Consultation with Sleep Specialist

  • Education on Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Options for CPAP Therapy
  • CPAP Mask Fitting
  • Explanation of funding options
  • OHIP / ADP Funding, ODSP, Insurance coverage and submission of claims
  • All consultations are free of charge
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Step 2: Virtual Meeting Rooms

  • InspiAIR has a proprietary Telemedicine platform
  • 100% secure
  • Can be accessed via desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone
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Step 3: Delivery of CPAP Equipment

  • All CPAP equipment is brand new, we do not use loaner equipment
  • We ship anywhere in Ontario free of charge
  • Receive your equipment within 3 business days from your consultation date
  • Mask Fit guarantee
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Step 4: CPAP Therapy Consultation

  • Our friendly Sleep Specialist will review your equipment for fit and function
  • We provide ongoing remote monitoring of CPAP therapy to ensure success
  • We can communicate directly with your physician on any changes to your pressure or therapy
  • 1 week, 1 month, and 6 months calls to ensure continued comfort with therapy
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    InspiAIR oxygen systems

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    Whatever the reason for the prescription, we take our oxygen patients’ needs seriously. At InspiAIR we take pride in the fact that the oxygen systems we provide are carefully matched to meet our patients’ needs. We encourage our patients to lead enriched active lifestyles including travel where possible and will provide them with full service to help achieve this goal.


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